Bio: Braman Ouattara

Founding Partner

Braman Outtara

From Côte d’Ivoire to France, Braman has comfortably immersed himself socially, academically, and professionally in both the African and Western cultures. Braman is a senior engineer in electronics and industrial computing and has worked in the fields of aeronautics, automobiles, energies, and telecommunications.

Braman currently works at Schneider as an industrialization project Leader. Braman is a member of the Schneider European Industrialization team responsible for the management and the manufacturing of electronic boards in key industrialization projects.

Before his current position at the Schneider group, Braman worked as a test engineer for controlling and systems (lighting modules, loudspeakers) and object detection sensors for a year.

Braman says a bibliography without mentioning the other experiences would be very incomplete because each experience seemed unique to him.

As an industrialization engineer, he worked at Safran enterprise (aeronautics) on various projects: aircraft take-off and landing lights, cockpits projects concerning the Rafale and Mirage 2000 aircraft.

During his mission at the French equipment manufacturer Valéo, he worked on a Toyota project which consisted in setting up a new tool for heating and cooling the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

In addition to these previous experiences, the 1st and longest was 10 years electronics experience in the same activity sector at Schlumberger Study and Production company in Clamart-France (oil exploitation company). Braman rose in the ranks there, starting with the positions of test technician for drilling and measuring tools, then technical support engineer for these same tools.

Braman says these achievements have been possible with continued training: atypical training leading to an atypical career. He had the chance to start with a 2 years-study in physics and chemistry and a “years-study at the University of Abidjan-cocody in Cote d’Ivoire, then 2 Technical University Diplomas (Electronic, Industrial local networks) at the IUT Senart-Fontainebleau (University of Paris XII), then an industrial engineering degree at Paris VI.

He added to these diplomas a data engineer certificate (Big Data), a project management certificate and a certificate of German language (Level 2B).

Braman says having been involved in various aeronautical, automotive, energy projects, today, he sees that the look on an aircraft, a vehicle or any electronic device is no longer the same and finds the progress and improvement in those areas very interesting, and he is proud to have been part of that transformation.

Yet, his joy is not only in his professional career, but also in his extra professional tasks. For nearly 20 years, he has taken pleasure in supporting foreigners in an irregular immigration situation in France in their administrative procedures.

Braman currently lives in Ile De France, France with his wife and his two adorable boys.